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Luke Smith's Avatar

Luke Smith

The man that inspired me to create Claims to not be a technology channel but still talks about software anyways.

Mental Outlaw's Avatar

Mental Outlaw

Similar to Luke Smith, except being on-the-ground with the news on our ever-digital planet.

Terry Davis' Avatar

Terry Davis

Legendary programmer who had completed God's Temple before leaving the Earth to heaven. Aspiring individuals of the same career path should use the example he presented to us when we weren't paying attention.

Louis Rossmann's Avatar

Louis Rossmann

Big advocate of the Right-to-Repair movement. Louis loves cats apparently.

Chris Titus Tech's Avatar

Chris Titus Tech

All-around computer guy. I actually used one of his debloat scripts that DIDN'T break my Windows installation.

The Hated One's Avatar

The Hated One

A faint voice in cybersecurity that echos Five-Eyes-insider talking points about spyware to The People.

Wolfgang's Channel's Avatar

Wolfgang's Channel

A channel that rose to fame after calling out VPN providers for their "privacy" policies.

danooct1's Avatar


Makes videos about computer worms, trojans, malware, and other contagious software. Just know that it takes common sense to prevent forest fires when handling questionable executables.


Aussie50's Avatar


While his videos were beyond my technicality, I adored watching him inside the hoarded garage with random crap inside. Rest in peace Ed.


Scotty Kilmer's Avatar

Scotty Kilmer

Mechanic who has a reputation of favoring the Toyota manufacturer. Provides decent answers when questioned by people about their car problems.

RegularCars' Avatar


What may look to be average car reviews on YouTube. You won't judge videos by their thumbnails anymore once you hear rather colorful dialogue about a consumer vehicle.

DriveTribe's Avatar


Car blog created by three old British men who all favor beer, sex puns, and one-liner Tweets. Oh, and they hosted host a show together.


WebSDR's Avatar


A list of shortwave receivers broadcasted on the site for users to simultaneously control. It is where "The Buzzer" can be listened to.

80sForever's Avatar


Web radio playing music from the 1980s. Their automatic playlist seems to be more varied than iHeart80s with the addition of song requests.


SomeOrdinaryGamers' Avatar


One of the couple commentary personalities that I usually tune in to. Besides getting into social media trends, Mutahar edits some darn good documentaries together.


skippy62able's Avatar


Known as the L.A. Beast, or the Human Trash Compactor. Often eats food quickly, attempts world records, creates Jackass-esque challenges, and brags about collectible sports cards from a few decades ago.

Houston Jones' Avatar

Houston Jones

An absolute masochistic animal with a ripped body. Sometimes likes to moan erotically when hit, and talks to his pillows with drawings of young women.

Unsorted Interests

Imaginative Logo's Avatar

Imaginative Logo

You can never be too old to film action figures being puppeteered by yourself playing video games. At least that's what Jon has established for his business.

VG Busts' Avatar

VG Busts

Two unknown guys play games and react to infomercials in a corny manner. They make me picture Beavis and Butthead behind the camera with their retardation.

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